How to be a better Pokemon trainer! (Collector of the TCG!)

How to be a better Pokemon trainer! (Collector of the TCG!)

We are a store with owners who collect.  This puts us in a position to collect in a different way than 99% of collectors.  Examples of this advantage include the following: 

  • We can buy sealed product from our distributor prices (plus GST) and we get it right away.
  • We can see the good buys first! (on trade-ins)
  • We can accept trade-ins for store credit! 

There are lots of good collection practices that you can adopt as someone who doesn't have a store.  Here are some ideas: 

  • Avoid overpaying!    
    • Do your research!  Google! Investigate!
    • Can you get it better than MSRP ? 
  • Build a community!  Knowing other collectors and trading is always 100% a better deal than just buying or anonymous transactions.
    • Trade nights are ideal to meet other collectors!
    • Discuss and engage in Facebook Groups
    • Meet at safe places. 
  • Try to avoid paying fees. (Sometimes fees are necessary including eBay, WhatNot, Paypal G&S).   Just don't take risks!
    • A person to person (cash) transaction has no fees, where as an ebay sale - ebay takes 12%
    • Even with shipping paid for, things can get lost.  It can be a risk.
  • "If it's too good to be true, it probably is."   Avoid getting scammed.  
    • If price is too good, is it fake? will you get scammed?
  • Knowledge is power.  Knowing a lot about where cards come from (Special Delivery Bidoof / Charizard) can you give you more insight on how to get cards that will have future collectability.

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