Buy List - Store Credit for your duplicates!

We are buying your secret rares!

PokeChalet wants to provide collectors access to the hardest cards to find - Secret Rares! 

** Service currently only open to in-person Halifax meetings.   May consider zoom inspection trade in card sessions in the near future.   Store credit upon receipt of cards. 

We are providing store credit for duplicate secret rares.  This is based on NM (pack to sleeve) condition but will consider LP on alt arts.

We are currently buying Secret Rares from sword and shield and sun and moon.  Specifically: 

Set Name Set List Number Greater Than
Sword and Shield Base 187
Rebel Clash 175
Champions Path  69
Vivid Voltage 166
Shining Fates 64 and >SV1
Battle Styles 142
 Chilling Reign 160
Evolving Skies 166
Celebrations 25 and Classic Collection
Fusion Strike 245
Brilliant Stars 152 and >TG1
Astral Radiance  160 and >TG1
Pokemon Go 71

 ** And Newer!


How do we calculate store credit? 

For a trade-in, we look at the TCG Player market pricing, and provide store credit at 75% trade in in Canadian funds. 





If the Kingdra SWSH10 Astral Radiance Trainer Gallery's market price is 1.69 USD, then PokeChalet will convert that to CAD ( multiply by 1.28) and pay 75% of the CAD amount -- 2.16 *  0.75 = 1.62 CAD in store credit. 

Tell me how to do it already!! 

email with pictures and card list.  We will review your cards, confirm the submission. Upon card acceptance, we will associate the store credit to your online account.