PokeChalet Yard Card Party

PokeChalet Yard Card Party

September 23rd  (2PM to 5PM)


Bedford Yard Card Party


The PokeChalet will be hosting a Pokemon Show and Tell and Trade Event on September 23rd from 2PM to 5PM.  



Show and Tell – Many of our friends and family don’t want to hear us talk about Pokémon, so let’s talk about it together.  Bring a backpack or binder with some of your collection pieces you’d just like to ‘show off’. 


Trade & Vend – Part of our hobby is buying, selling and trading.  Bring your trade binder and feel free to sell your dupes to your fellow collectors or pick up some jewels.  


This is an “Any chance of humidity/rain/fog/shower – cancellation policy event”.  Cardboard and moisture don’t mix, so we will cancel if it isn’t a sunny 0% precipitation day.


What is the Venue Like?


As many of you know, I run the ‘PokeChalet’ online business out of my home. In our backyard is a Patio and lawn area where we will be setting up chairs, tables, displays and spaces to relax and look at cards.  


Our goal is to have a fun afternoon of exploring the Pokemon hobby.  I've never done this before, so we'll see how successful it might be.


Children of all ages welcome!


Please leave a comment if you are considering coming.  I’ve had as many of 50 people before, but if we grow to over 100…. I’ll need more chairs!  


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