Pre-Orders : The Charizard Ultra Premium Collection

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Pre-Orders : The Charizard Ultra Premium Collection

Pre-Orders are a great way to ensure that you get your product before the secondary market sends prices higher than you want to pay - or you don't get your product at all. 

Pre-orders were initially meant to inform stores, distributors and Pokemon about the demand for a product.  They have been also used by stores to "promise" product that they cannot guarantee - only to cancel their orders later. 

When we do  Pre-Orders at, this is only when we have confirmed shipping numbers and dates from our distributor. 

The Charizard UPC was a great example of stores (Gamestop!) taking pre-orders and then having to cancel so many.    

Our approach to selling the Charizard UPC was to review our client list and offer the chance to purchase at MSRP + tax for those who have been loyal to our store and organization - and one per person. 

With our October allocation being completely sold, we will not be accepting pre-orders for the December allocation until we receive solid numbers and dates.  

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