What's the best booster box to get a Child for Christmas?

What's the best booster box to get a Child for Christmas?

In 2023, the best booster box to get a child for Christmas is the Japanese Pokemon Shiny Treasures ex box.   (second best might be Vstar Universe)

Here is Why! 

It's a "high class set" which means

...although there are only 10 booster packs in the box, every single pack will have a guaranteed 'hit'.  This would be an ex card or better. 

...there is a chance of a 'god pack' in these special sets.  The 'god pack' is something very few collectors get to experience.   Every single card (all 10) in a god pack are secret rares. (Baby Shinys, Full Art Shinys)

...Kids love pulling Charizard, and this set has 3 charizards to pull.  

...many of the Japanese cards (beyond the guaranteed hit) will be nice enough to put together on Christmas Day (in a new binder full of memories..)

... They fit in a stocking!

...With many kids only experienced with English packs which only yield a hit 30% of the time -- its a very different experiencing ripping packs that 'hit' every time!

I gave my 9 year old a box of Vmax Climax for Christmas in 2021 - and I wish I had a video of that opening. It was fun, exciting and very memorable. 

Note:  People will promote and pump certain products when they have an interest in their sales. I have stock in Shiny Treasures ex and Vstar Universe.  I believe in the above, and I stocked my store with these boxes because I think so highly of both these products. 

(I only wish I had more stock of Vmax Climax) 


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