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Why do people buy Pokemon packs from a live streamer to open?

Pokemon pack opening is probably the most fun thing you can do in the Pokemon hobby. By having the chance to feel surprised with an ultra/hyper/secret card - especially for a Pokemon you really want for your collection - the excitement is the greatest

For a little while, we couldn't understand pack opening streams and rip and ship activities.  We thought it weird that you buy packs and not open them yourself.  We didn't know if this was bad for the hobby, but in the great Pokemon shortage of 2021 - we didn't like that streamers had access to those card packs and we didn't. 

As we developed our store, we changed our mind about streaming of Pokemon pack opening.  We believe there are a few reasons why people buy on streaming platforms such as Tiktok, WhatNot, Drip and YouTube: 

- People don't have a peer group to share the excitement with.  Online communities provide that group of collectors and spectators who share the experience of being surprised by an excellent pull. Streams are better than just watching PokeRev open packs.  You get to be part of the experience!

- Some people are really interested in the continuous collection of cards and the chance (gambling side) of pulling that chase card of high value. 

- Buying on card streams is a lot like fast food. You get that immediate satisfaction of a pack opening with none of the wait (going to the store) and none of the cleanup! (bulk!). All this from the comfort of your own home!

- Streamers have access to unique product, collections, singles, slabbed cards that you cannot see in your local Walmart.

When we started to look at streaming from this perspective, we believe people are paying higher prices for the experience of streams over the experience of buying at Walmart or the local LGS.    Streaming is so compelling because it is an entertainment aspect to the Pokemon collecting hobby. 

So the PokeChalet supports streamers.  If you are a streamer in Halifax, NS, please contact us for information about bulk purchases of cases and products - and we will seek to provide access to prices. 


Is streaming gambling? 

Card pack opening fits the description of gambling, but some analysis has shown that it doesn't tend to lead to problem gambling scenarios.  People have often over leveraged in their hobbies (expensive cars, art purchases, more books than you can read) and it's an important thing to keep in mind. 

Streaming is entertainment - and you need to keep your personal budget in mind when buying from streamers.   

Streamers often increase the stakes with bounties, pull games and mystery bags. 

Bounties - Some streamers identify a specific 'hard-to-pull' card and associate a prize with pulling that card for increased pack prices.  Whereas a pack may be 5$ opened, it may increase to 7$ to include a bounty.  This increases both the cost to buy and the potential award (and excitement on the stream).

Pull Games / Mystery Bags - Often a set of random items of varying values.  The seller chooses a price (often the average) and you choose a mystery bag.  Based on the choice, you could receive goods based on the floor (lowest value item, often less value than what you would normally pay), the average (equivalent to what you paid) and ceiling (the highest value item in the bags or box).     The higher the discrepancy between the floor and ceiling the stakes of getting value for your money can change dramatically.

Judge carefully about mystery bags because product prices are often overvalued when calculating floor/average/ceiling and some streamers use mystery purchases to send away lower value goods.  (junk slabs, bulk cards)

Buying Singles 

People in the Pokemon hobby know that its cheaper and faster to just buy the single card rather than trying to open packs. Trying to pull your favourite cards is not a good way to engage in the hobby.  If you are looking for a specific card on a budget, buy singles.  it is the best way to get that card!

PokeChalet supports Rip and Ship activities and streamers but buyers beware! Buying from streamers is entertainment and can contain elements of moderate (pack opening) to extreme (mystery bags and pull boxes) gambling.  Spend wisely!


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