Buying Pokemon in Halifax Nova Scotia

Buying Pokemon in Halifax Nova Scotia

We don't have a showroom.   We've specialized in Pokemon and we work hard imaging Pokemon Singles, shipping boxes around Canada (and the United States) and ensuring local collectors and players have a reliable (and inexpensive) place to get their Pokemon Product. 

We were sick of going to Walmart and seeing just Battle Decks.  We couldn't find Pokemon anywhere, and when we did - it was higher prices than what we saw online. 

We decided to start our Pokemon Store here in Bedford Nova Scotia, and make sure local collectors could access our product at a discounted rate.  This was why we created our 'CURBSIDE' discount code for use by anyone picking up their product directly from us.  (No expensive shipping!)

There are some good options in Halifax for stores that carry Pokemon.   AMG in Bedford is a sports card store.  The Deckbox in Halifax sells a lot of Magic the Gathering.  

We decided to focus on Pokemon.  We cannot host play events - but we have setup trade events at our 2023 Card Yard Party.    

We do delivery in Halifax and pick up cars for trade-in credit.   We provide the most competitive rates at 75% of TCGPlayer Market! - and you can use your store credit on anything. 


One of the more difficult aspects of our business is getting known in Halifax as a place to buy Pokemon.  We are constantly trying to spread the word about our business and what we do - so that we can solve the problem of expensive pokemon products (and no pokemon products) found at other stores. 

Please check us out!  Message us on Facebook or on our Store!    We will do our best to answer your questions and help!

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