About Us

PokeChalet was founded 2021 in Bedford, NS. 

As an online-only business, we are focussed on providing mail and shipping options for purchasing of Pokemon TCG cards and collectable items for people who live outside major cities and need to rely on post and shipping services to find the collectables they want in Canada. (We ship internationally as allowed.)  

By providing access to singles (individual cards) and sealed product (sourced from distributors and imports), our goal to provide service to those who don't live close to reputable brick and mortar LGS resources (local game stores). 

As our process for imaging and inventory management of raw singles and graded product establishes, we will be enabling search, buy and sell lists - enabling other collectors to work towards complete, master and chase set. 

Our products focus on Pokémon and other entertainment items that are not commonly found (or not found in stock) at major retailers.    

We contribute to the online Pokémon community through our collaboration with  YouTube channels, Instagram and being collectors of Pokémon TCG