Shipping Sustainability

Shipping is a major cost to online retailers including packaging materials, boxes, and courier costs.  One way we try to minimize cost to our customer is using recycled shipping boxes and material when possible.  This may include boxes/materials received / recycled from other retailers and shipping services. (e.g. Amazon, Canada Post, UPS, Distributors) 

Your package may arrive in new or refurbished shipping boxes.  Refurbished boxes may have additional packing tape for security for structural integrity.  Boxes may contain stuffing (paper, bubble, peanuts) to ensure contained product has minimized shift/bend/bump during shipping. 

We understand that you may want Pokemon boxes in pristine / display condition.  During packing, if we identify blemish/rip/visual defects in the box, we will stop shipping and verify with you via provided email to continue fulfillment (if there is not pristine boxed product available).  

Sealed product shall remain sealed with original packaging.

Any boxes with visual blemish/rip/visual defects will be inventoried separately for purchase.  We sometimes provide alternate prices for non-display-condition boxes.