Pokemon Singles in Canada - How we source?

Pokemon Singles in Canada - How we source?

As the PokeChalet continues to establish itself as a trusted place for English and Japanese Pokemon cards, we always want to establish relationships with other sellers and collectors.  

Our singles are sourced through our trade-in credit system.  We offer 75% value of tcgplayer.com market prices for individual cards.  This allows people with duplicate cards to exchange them for cards they need - or sealed product for them to open, shelf or invest. 


Trade In Spreadsheet


Our method is simple: 

- You provide a list of the cards you want to trade in (Set and/or Card Number, Condition if not NM)

- We build a spreadsheet looking up tcgplayer market values for each card. 

- We calculate the total TCGplayer market. 

- We calculate the total amount in Canadian Funds. 

- We calculate 75% of that Canadian Funds amount.  

Trade In Balances can be issued in gift cards which can be used on the website order as well as trade in time exchanges for the products desired. 

We are open, clear and precise with our calculations.  

You get what you want immediately - and other collectors can find the cards on our site! 

As always, please reach out to us on facebook.com/pokechalet or instagram.com/pokechalet and on TikTok. 

-Ryan Donovan

(Owner, PokeChalet.com)
TKK Gamecards and Collectables

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